Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kaleidoscope Accessories on ebay

For those of you that recently picked up a Kaleidoscope house (*waves* at callsmall) or have been hunting after that accessories set for the Kaleidoscope house, (you know, the ones with the Adler vases), there are two on ebay right now for a BIN price of $15. I've seen this set go for much much higher so grab yours if you don't have one already.

Here and here.

The same seller also has another going at auction for a current price of $22 (*scratches head*) as well as a whole bunch of other KH furniture.

Update: both are SOLD, but there's another one here.

Update again! Yet another BIN sold - but check the seller's other auctions, there appears to be a never ending supply of adler accessories! Huzzah!

Also - as callsmall brought to my attention, there does seem to be a curious flooding of Bozart KH furniture (and other assorted toys) on ebay at the moment. For those of you still lusting after the Jasper Morrison white sofa, there are two on auction currently, here (with less than a day left) and here.