Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Emerson House will make me a LIAR

With the impending arrival of our new family member, my go-to site for wasting time the past couple of months has been Ohdeedoh. It's been a great resource for decorating our former toy-dollhouse-sneaker-collection-room-turned-nursery.

Imagine my heart palpitations when a post on Brinca Dada's Emerson House popped up. Big open spaces, sliding doors, a design that opens up for easy access and play - oh man! This house surely is going to make a liar out of me (when I promised the Husband that the Plan Toys Eco House would be the last for a good long while).

There will be furniture and accompanying figures for the 3/4" scale house. Retail is expected to be a within reason $299. More details on Brinca Dada and the Emerson House here.

In the meantime, as the belly grows more unwieldly every day, I've been getting my design jollies with the nursery. A few final touches remain (if baby gives me time), and hopefully I'll be able to share some photos.

Photo Credit: Ohdeedoh