Friday, January 15, 2010

Curious absence and a deal on a House

I know, I dropped of the face of the blogosphere with nary an explanation. At first, it was just the crush of three-ish crazy months of work. I would look longingly at my houses, and even set up a few rooms, but I never had enough time to myself to actually get around to photographing (much less blogging) the new rooms.

And then . . . i got news. The sort that tells you you are going to be really REALLY busy say . . . in like nine months time.

As glee (mingled with trepidation) turned to reality, my better half and I had to admit that our "play" room, filled with my houses and his massive collection of urban vinyl and even MORE massive collection of sneakers, would have to make way for more demanding tenants.

So, I've really been dreading writing this, but over a very long painful weekend, husband and I packed up everything (ok, I salvaged one or two pinky girls for a bookshelf) and sent it to my parents' house, where everything waits until we buy our own home. One that's not an apartment, and has more than two bedrooms and some space for a cat.

I've had so much fun with this blog and the world of modern mini fans out there, and still a bit sad that it came to an abrupt (but not entirely unexpected) temporary end.

Lest you think my mini instincts have completely dissappeared, instead of looking at real suburban houses, I snagged one of the Green Dollhouses by Plan Toys that MiniModern featured. It's currently on sale at the Land of Nod here, for $114 including furniture. If you poke around, you should be able to find a free shipping code somewhere too.

I begged and pleaded with husband, who didn't see the point of buying something we don't have space to set up. I argued that it was an investment. And it was for erm . . well . . for someone ELSE. And well, since he couldn't really stop my mouse clicking, I bought it. It'll go straight aways into storage, but I'm glad I managed to sneak in one last dollhouse purchase. (i swear, husband, honest!) If you've always wanted one of these houses, hurry! There appear to be limited quantities available.