Saturday, September 18, 2010

"I'm looking for a dollhouse . . . "

" . . . because I was thinking about getting one for S____. I know Boogie isn't there yet, but what do you think?" That's how my college roomie started off our conversation today. I actually paused, "Are you being sarcastic?" I thought she was. "I'm OBSESSED with dollhouses."

Anyway, we had a too-brief conversation about her preferences (plastic vs. wood) and I promised to send her a few links to some houses to look at. After I hung up, I gave this question some more thought. What would be the first dollhouse for Boogie?

I had joked with DH that there was an Emerson House with Boogie's name on it. But, honestly, as a first dollhouse for a toddler, I think the parts to be assembled (and potentially disassembled by wee fingers) makes it ill suited for a child that young. Plus, let's face it, *I* want the Emerson house for myself, and although I'm more than willing to share with Boogie, maybe she needs to be a bit older. I would be heart broken the first time she took crayon to the floors.

Back when Boogie was still baking, I also scored one of the fully furnished plan toys Eco Dollhouses. But, it's not too colorful or detailed, and one adult's modern aesthetic might be monochromatic dull for a toddler.

If money were no object (and Husband allowed me to), I would think about the fully kitted HaPe Bamboo Sunshine house:

Or the Momoll RayRay or Ding 3, seeing as how I already own the coordinating furniture.

Or should I crush the my modernist leanings and get something that Boogie would love, like the Calico Critter's Cloverleaf Manor? (Eeek. But the animal dolls are really cute . . . )

In the end, I'm sure I already own more than enough surplus dollhouse goodies that I can share with Boogie. Like the extra Voila and Selecta furniture sets. The Voila dollhouse looks like it could withstand some hard use from one (or more!) kids. I'm curious though, if you were going about buying a first dollhouse for a girl, who is around 2 years old, which house would you get?