Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This is the room I wish I had back when I was a teenager. My room decor went straight from a frilly canopy bed to very adult furniture. Granted, it was pretty stylish 90's formica furniture (LOL), but if it hadn't been for my massive stuffed animal menagerie and Depeche Mode and Erasure concert posters, you might not have known it was a room for a teenage girl.

The Pinky girl who lives in this room is a multi-faceted complex girl who likes to read her Lucky magazine and gossip on the phone with her friends. She can also pull kickflips and ollies with the best of the boys. Instead of posters of Britney and Justin (or is it Taylor Swift and Zac Efron? Kids these days . . . ), she's also just the teensiest wee bit angsty and has a huge dark mural from her favorite artist Deth P. Sun.

Although she has a perfectly good desk, she spends most her time lying on the floor, doing homework or just lounging around (much like I did).

The teensy weensy eraser is my favorite.

Although her mother has a rule against food outside the kitchen (as mine did), she nevertheless sneaks a snack or two up to her room . . . on a daily basis.

Maki, Tohru and Sacchin are caught mid-gossip.

Sakura peeks in, wondering if they are talking about her. As my boss is fond of saying: you should never say bad things about anyone behind their backs, save it for when you can say it to their face.


Bed is a designer bed! No kidding, it's a DKNY home soap dish rescued from the sales shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Eero Aarnio ball chair and Panton chair by Design Interior Collection by Reac Japan.

Table is By Barb.

Side tables are craft blocks painted white on a rainy weekend day.

Accessories are Re-ment, wanju, Plan Toys, Megahouse, AG Minis, Mighty World and misc. Ebay finds.

Mini skateboard decks are by Tech Deck.

Art is by Deth P. Sun.


  1. beautiful scene and nice details! i've seen the imac before - where is it from?! it's amazing and i need it!

  2. Hi *annina*

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it - I had alot of fun putting this one together. Like reliving my teenage years. ha!

    The imac is from this mini figure set called: Keroro My Room. It's manufactured by Bandai. You can find them on ebay usually, like here:


  3. I see lots of familiar stuff! I LOVE the eraser as well :) Nice setup!

  4. Wonderful - another soap dish bed! Soon you'll be able to mount an exhibition of designer beds formerly known as soap dishes. And I love the skate boards - I've been thinking of buying some for the kids in my Kaleidoscope house - they certainly do look great.

  5. Hi callsmall,

    I agree - the Re-ment student life set is great, isn't it? I came across it while hunting down the clock in the set, but loved everything.

    Hi Rebecca!

    The soapdishes also have an added bonus: they tend to be a little smaller than a mini queen sized bed and fit in rooms that might otherwise get completely filled by a larger bed.

    The tech decks are really fun. I've been saving them for a while just for this room.


  6. This room is really so much fun, I love everything about it, especially the wall art by Deth P. Sun!
    (And it made me want to buy a Eero Aarnio ball chair for my new Stockholm house! It looks so great in that room!)

  7. I love this room! There's so many details......right down to that tiny eraser! I love your Tech Decks! I'm in the process of finishing a skate shop that is full of Tech Decks for my son....It's nice to see someone else using them!!!

  8. Hi Katie -

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked the room. You'll have to share the mini skate shop when it's complete!


  9. Hi Pubdoll,

    Thanks - I had a really great time putting it together, making me think I should spend some more time doing "fun" rooms for mini occupants of a younger age set.


  10. Where did the comforter set come from? I seem to keep using the same blue/white AG minis one for everything.

  11. Hi petitenouveau -

    I use the blue/white AG minis comforter all the time as well.

    The comforter is a rug from the AG Minis groovy room set - it's a bit big (I've folded it under on the far side) but still works reasonably well. It also reverses to white.


  12. Tohru Handa? I love Fruits Baskets! (She would never gossip though)