Monday, April 13, 2009

Why, hello there!

It's been a good long while since my last post. Even though I had been on vacation, we were traveling and kept so busy during the day that I really didn't have time for much else other than enforced relaxation. And then when I got back to work and a regular schedule, I ironically had the time to spend with the dollhouses, but Husband and I borrowed The West Wing, the complete series from my brother and we've been obsessed with watching the exploits of Jeb Bartlet in the oval office.

I've been meaning to do a completely new interior in the Stockholm House and finally got around to gutting the previous set up. I was also inspired by the arrival of a new mini sofa - from the super-talented and inspiring *annina* over on flickr. The construction is just incredible (and I'm not surprised from seeing her fantastic scenes on flickr), but I was blown away when I flipped over the cushions and saw that the foam inserts are removable and the seams and hems were stitched. Each cushion kind of resembles one of those pocket kleenex holders that you can tuck into your purse, with an overlapping flap opening in the back. I've been thinking about attempting to construct my own sofa (and staring at the huge roll of foam next to my dining table), but this idea had never crossed my mind. Wow.

The new sofa immediately went into the bottom floor of the Stockholm House.

My favorite french treat: macaroons!

I've also been tinkering around with this bathroom for a while. I'm a bit bored with it *shrug*, so figured I might as well just take some pictures and share before I change it up again. Color me fickle.

Mostly, I wanted to use these super cute bath accessories from MiniSquare. The mini loofah is too adorable.

Living Room: Sofa is handmade with care from *annina*. Leather chaise is Paris Renfroe. Coffee table is from MiniSquare. Glass side table is an ebay find. Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment, Megahouse, Bertie's Dollhouse Miniatures, DHE and Bratz.
Oh, the rug is cut from a large sheet of Lama Li "bark" paper that I picked up at Kate's Paperie on Friday. I love their selection of fine paper.

Bathroom: Pieces are Voila and Momoll. Accessories are Bratz, Lundby, Selecta, Re-ment and MiniSquare.


  1. Welcome back -- missed your posts! Love the rug idea. I bought some origami paper and did the same recently.

  2. Congratulations with the beautiful sofa, I'm also a big fan of Anninas work! Really like your glass side table, too!

  3. Great scenes, glad you're back : )

    I recently bought a Stockholm (it's my first modern dollhouse, so excited) and I was wondering how you attach the art work to the walls? They are papery and I don't want to damage them.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Callsmall - I really do like the way the paper lies too. Sometimes "real" rugs can be a bit too thick under furniture or, worse, they get all wrinkly...

    Pubdoll - Thanks. I really like that glass side table too - I actually lost that auction but luckily the first bidder fell through.

    Hiya Christy - congrats on the Stockholm House purchase. I love the house. I usually use UHU tack (removeable adhesive putty) to put art on the walls. I usually don't leave art up there for long to avoid any oily stain or residue. It doesn't seem to be so much of an issue with the Stockholm House walls - but it's happened on other surfaces before. I'll also use the Scotch/3M Foam mounting squares, cut to smaller sizes. Hope that helps - happy decorating!


  5. I LOVE French macaroons too! Fell in love with them after a visit to Laduree in Paris years ago. For years, I have searched high and low to find them in Toronto without success. It's not until last yr while I was pregnant, I found a few local places that carry them. It's pretty funny thinking back - me 7/8 months pregnant driving a half hour to satisfy my macaroon cravings. Now that you got me thinking, I think I will make a 'macaroon' drive sometimes this week.

    By the way, great scenes as usual and good to see that you're back!

  6. thanks for posting the photos - it's so nice to see my sofa in its new home! the scene is lovely as usual...