Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright by LEGO!

I am BEYOND thrilled at these new Architecture sets from Lego. PrairieMod has the full scoop, including the text of the press release from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation here. The Architecture series appears to be limited edition (and distribution) and from a few quick google searches, so far includes the Sears tower, the Empire State Building, the Space Needle and the John Hancock observatory (pictures here from ifitshipitshere blog).

After the initial Lego-induced euphoria wore off, I read a little more and realized that these are tiny little sets, mostly for collecting purposes. This will not be your 20+ hour Taj Mahal assembley (or Millenium Falcon or Death Star, if you prefer). Also, I think the Guggenheim set resembles Moon Base Alpha a little more than the iconic museum. In such a small scale, it's difficult to capture the graceful lines of the gradually expanding levels.

I do wish the Fallingwater set was on a larger scale (Husband is shaking his head vigorously "NO!"). This one on youtube is pretty amazing: Fallingwater on Youtube.

Here's to hoping they continue to expand the line! Meanwhile, Fallingwater shall be mine.

You can purchase the existing landmark sets and the Guggenheim set here at brickstructures.
Images copyright LEGO, Brickstructures and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Update: pubdoll confirmed that the scale of these sets is TINY. (but still rather cute). Check out her Guggenheim here.


  1. Thanks for posting!
    I love Lego, and I love Frank Lloyd Wright!
    Now I bought the Guggenheim set, hope, hope, hope to get the Fallingwater set, too!

  2. Cool! We actually saw "previews" of these in the LEGO store in Chicago when we were picking up the Citadel. They were not available yet. My son loves LEGOs, so perhaps I can convince him that any of these would be cool, especially since we went to Fallingwater. Hope you'll blog about your LEGO building :)

  3. love it i want it bad!

  4. Wow.!! What fantastic architecture sets.. I will try to get one on my next Lego visit.

  5. ooooh! This is way cool! I love Lego and who doesn't love architecture? :D

    That would have been a great Xmas gift :)

    Thanks for sharing!