Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paris in Springtime

I wish I was taking a trip to Paris, but a new batch of Paris Renfroe minis is a pretty good way to bring some spring fever to the dollhouses. I've had the new sofa, coffee table and mirror for a month or so, but hadn't gotten around to cleaning out my previous setup in the Kaleidoscope House great room. The arrival of some new Megahouse miniatures and the new Reac chairs provided the proper incentive. I really like the new blender and coffee machine/pot.

I'm starting to think I need a new kitchen set, much as I love the Miele appliances, combined here with the ELF stove unit. Maybe it's time to take a look at the ELF kitchens again, or perhaps a PRD kitchen . . .

Of course, the PRD sofa is wonderful...

And one of the new Reac miniatures made it in - the Eames elephant! They come in a matched pair, one natural finish, the other in a slightly metallic orange.

My four year old niece came over to play yesterday, and uncannily made a bee-line for this room, before I had a chance to photograph. She's never had much interest in the Kaleidoscope House previously, preferring the Stockholm instead. It took all of my wheedling skills to refocus her attentions on the Stockholm (I emptied out the downstairs room for her to decorate entirely on her own . . .she really just wanted many chairs to seat the pinky girls). Kitty also gamely contributed to the bait-and-switch effort by allowing herself to be fed treats and petted.

One last shot of another of the new Reac chairs . . . .

Sectional sofa, coffee table, and wood-edged mirror are Paris Renfroe Design.
Entertainment unit is Selecta.
Kitchen is Theo Klein Miniworld with a stove/oven unit from ELF Miniatures.
Dining table is By Barb, with Design Interior Collection Chairs from Reac.
Accessories are: Re-ment, Megahouse, Lil' Bratz, Reac Japan, Bertie's Dollhouse Miniatures.
Art is a coaster.


  1. Looks amazing, Altera. I love how the mirror reflects the interior. The table setting is pretty cool, too. Your DIY lamp looks great and holds its own amongst the other furnishings!

  2. Hi callsmall -

    Thanks! I'm still looking for a marble base for the lamp, to make another version that is closer to the original Castiglioni Arco lamp.


  3. Nice room, I especially like the espresso machine. I saw it on ebay and I wasn't sure of the size but it's perfect.

  4. This room looks good. The title is clever. Hee hee!

  5. Hi petitenouveau,

    The espresso machine (and blender) are from the Megahouse Little Cafe set. Most of the items in that set are pretty good for a 1/12 scene(maybe even a little small), rather than most Re-ment, which is closer to 1/6. It pops up from time to time (sometimes really expensive), but it's really adorable.


  6. Hi Modern MC -

    Thanks! It was almost an all PRD room, with a PRD dining table, but I'd used both of mine pretty recently . . . Now I just need a PRD kitchen and it can be a completely Parisian KH great room. heh.


  7. Great set up! The Paris Renfroe sofa and table ist just perfect! Wouldn't mind the sofa in lifesize!
    Also love the elephant, the dotted plate on the dining room table and the coffee machine/blender! I have been checking it out on ebay, but never seen it for under 40 dollars, which I found a tad expencive.

    And I agree with callsmall, your DIY lamp looks great here!

  8. Thanks Pubdoll. I do still love the lamp - and plan to make more, with a marble base this time.

    I'm with you - I actually had the Paris Renfroe sofa in mind when I went shopping for my real life sofa a couple of months ago . . .

    The coffee machine and blender I spotted once on ebay for a BIN price of $15. I hesitated for 5 minutes and it got purchased from under my nose! If you do some regular searches, you can sometimes find it for a more reasonable price than $40.

  9. I just love this room, everything is so nice!


  10. Miss your posts, hope to see more from you soon. I need K House inspiration : )

  11. Thank you, Lena!

    Hi petitenouveau - thanks for the kind words! I've been swamped for the last two weekends (visiting guests one weekend, then an out of town wedding) . . . and I'm feeling very dollhouse deprived as well!

    I'm planning to get some time in for my miniatures this weekend!