Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Newborn Nursery

Thank you to everyone for the best wishes! We're in the middle of our bundle of joy's first month home. Let me just say that my OB was not kidding when she warned me that the first month could be (would be) "intense."

We live in a state of mild terror of our 9 lb wee one. I kid. Mostly. But, we're also delirious with joy that she's here and we finally get to meet her acquaintance.

While I'm waiting for her to wake up for a midnight feeding, here are some pictures of the design project that's taken up my past couple of months. I almost forgot how to post pictures it's been so long! As Husband and I are both avid fans of scuba diving, a hobby that we've given up for the timing being, we decided that we would do an underwater ocean theme for our daughter.

Uh . . .Credits, in case anyone is interested in the non-mini kind of houseware:
Nursery furniture from Argington. (Don't get me, or Husband, started on how long it took me to decide on the crib. I actually picked the dresser and changing table first, but for some reason resisted getting the matching crib until something like two months later . . . )
Wall hanging from Inhabit.
Wall stickers from Wee Gallery for Blik.
Glider and ottoman from Monte.
Lamp from CB2 (because I couldn't stomach the idea of paying $1000+ for the Sebastian Wrong Spun table lamp, beautiful as it is).
Fishbowl rug from overstock.com.
Origami art folded with my two little pregnancy swollen hands and cobbled together with Ikea frames and craft paper from Michael's and inspired by another wonderful ocean-themed nursery featured on Ohdeedoh.com.

Update: the rabbit on the dresser is actually a clever brush and comb set. The handles of the brush and comb form each of the "ears" of the rabbit, and there's a mirror on the bottom of the base. Hare Brush and Comb set is by Skip Hop. They also have it in a green colorway. Adorable! It's pretty widely available at BabiesRus, BuyBuyBaby, etc.


  1. Is it horrible that I can only see this in mini form...??! I'm like, "It's mini, right, not lifesize?!" It's beautiful, Altera, and I send you huge congrats on your little precious girl! I know how difficult the first month can be, but try to enjoy it. And 9lbs, huh?? Nice size! She's a lucky little bunny :) Speaking of bunny, where's that cute bunny on the dresser from? Take care, hope to see more posts!

  2. Thank you Callsmall! Our little miss (who also answers to Boogs, depending on the mood (of parents)), actually weighed in at 8 lbs 9.7 oz at birth, lost a little in the first week, but came charging right back, so she's over 9 lbs now.

    9 lbs was the mental limit in my mind for what I could feasibly handle during labor! =)

  3. Congratulations with getting a healthy baby girl, and each new month will bring even more joy!

    You said 9lbs was your mental limit, it's nothing, my daughter was more than 10lbs and 47cm long when she was born, even though I didn't gain much more weight than that myself. Now at eight, she's a slim and tiny little thing :-)

    I love your nursery, we decorated the whole house when both our children were born and hadn't the time for making a nursery as well, so we just kept their crib next to our bed in our room until they were about a year old. Quite handy actually when they were fed during the night. But it would have been very nice to be able to decorate a room as nice as this for them! Love that orange armchair, the lamp on the dresser and all the ocean theme decorations, especially the wall art surrounding the crib! She really is a lucky little bunny :-)

  4. congrats from me too!
    I'm so glad everything is fine with you and your little girl. The nursery is adorable and I also like the bunny, very sweet.
    In Germany so many couples decide to live without children, it's a pity. And even my own children have no baby!
    I wish you all the best and that your baby will grow to a wonderful person!

  5. Oh Altera! Congrats! Congrats! I love the room. You make me want to share pics of my first nursery--but I won't. Great nursery you have put together for your daughter. Beautiful. How come I totally knew that rug was from Overstock? ha ha! The chair looks comfortable and I am sure you have caught a few snoozes there, ey? I remember "the adjustment" for children. It is tough discipline. I wish you peace and quality sleep---because you and I both know that there will be a lack of quantity. All the best!

  6. Congratulations on your new mini! My daughter's friends are beginning to have babies and it is fun to see how dazed and precious the new parents are. When you go through it you are too busy to notice. Every day it will just get better and better. Wonderful room. CM

  7. Congrats Altera on the lovely new edition to your family! Hey, you have to give up the miniatures for a while but you got to create this beautiful nursery (in life-size scale). Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's absolutely fabulous.

  8. EStodo muy bonito felicidades!,un saludo Adriana