Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative Playthings Dollhouse

After my naughtiness with the Selecta Casa Bella house, I'm lucky to find this one. Well, sorta. Lucky in the sense that it's not easily available (if at all), so I don't suffer any buying temptation. Unlucky, I suppose, because the lack of availability makes me want it all the more.

Sure there are a number of houses that resemble the construction and shape of this vintage one from Creative Playthings. The Momoll Ray Ray house springs to mind, as does my very own Voila House. I could even use that oft uttered phrase in my home "I could make one myself." Nevertheless, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Dollhouse by Creative Playthings. That's all I got. Maybe someone else out there has more info on this lovely?

Update: Thanks to callsmall for the tip re: the Daddy Types blog and Creative Playthings. A quick seach of Daddy Types revealed this new picture with furnishings.


  1. Hi Altera! I've got a thing for Creative Playthings, so have been doing some research recently. I came across this very house in a Daddy Types blog post, here: Not too much info, but it's a start. Daddy Types blogs a lot about CP products, and a search on his blog will show all sorts of interesting things.

  2. Oh awesome. I've come across the Daddy Types blog before, but didn't realize the CP popularity . . .

    I found another picture of the dollhouse, plus furnishing and am updating the post...

    Thanks callsmall!

  3. Cool! It's neat to see it with furniture! Still pining for one?! :)

  4. I definitely am . . . but my list of dollhouses to lust after is growing exponentially . . . .

  5. I actually have one from my childhood that my mother saved for me and my sister. Her daughter loves playing with it as do I. My guess is it is from the mid 70's as I was born in 73. Best of luck!

  6. We have one of those and as luck would have it, we're thinking of getting rid of it.

  7. Hey Altera, there is one on eBay now,
    Hope to see more posts from you soon!:)