Monday, January 12, 2009

Before and After

A few months ago, Sacchin and Maki bought a new dining room set. "The table is nice," mused Sacchin, "but something about the chairs is . . . well, the pink is just so . . . so . . . barbie!" Maki ignored her friend's outburst and scooted forward a little more in her efforts to surreptitiously reach the floor with her dangling feet.

(Note from author: when I sit in chairs, my feet don't reach the floor either. As my husband would put it: "How hoomiliatin'...")

After a few weeks of mouse clicks and patience (and one super lucky blind box pull), the gals have new dining chairs, courtesy of Reac Japan, and are ready to host some dinner parties.

Credits: Dining table is Ryan's Room and tulip chairs are from Reac Japan. The Avery Coonley House design wall decoration is another Frank Lloyd Wright bookmark. Accessories from Re-ment, Dolls House Emporium and ebay.

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