Saturday, January 17, 2009

Top Design - Work in Progress

The above is a work in progress, inspired by one of the rooms in the final challenge on Bravo's Top Design. The first picture is of Ondine's living room. I love the pink sofas juxtaposed with the zebra pattern.

I'm having trouble finding nice modern sofas, much less in hot pink. The Plan Toys' one works okay, I think. The room needs much more work though. Aside from sewing up some zebra pillows and much accessorizing and finishing, I ordered some mirrored cube side tables from DHE that I'm hoping to put in here.

Eh . . . Anyway, the sofas are still vexing me. I'm hoping to find something I can gut and refurbish on ebay. Or maybe I'll just have to try making some sofas on my own from scratch.

Funny story: one of my first pictures of this room had my entire face reflecting back in the full size wall mirror - it looked like my head was plastered on the whole wall in the room - or some giant sized me was trapped in a three floor dollhouse. It scared the snot out of my husband.

Credits: Sofa is Plan Toys from the modern furniture set. Chair is petite princess by Ideal. Zebra rug and coffee table (which breaks apart into three separate tables) are ebay wins. "Life size" terracotta warrior part of a souvenir set from the Great Wall. The vendors were pretty amused when I whipped a Pinky girl out of my camera bag for size comparison.


  1. It is a great room. I found your blog from a link on Mini Modern's blog. Thanks MC! I love the terracotta warrior. The exibit is here in Atlanta, GA. I will be going befor it ends. Thanks for the great idea on the mini warrior score. ;-)

  2. Hi Mandy -
    Thanks! I'm glad you liked the room - as I mentioned, I'm still fiddling around with it and hope to have time to fix my sofa issues.

    I hope you get to see the tarracotta warrior exhibit - they are pretty awesome - each one, I believe, is a little different, right down to facial expressions!

    The set I have also has a (mini) horse, and I'm looking to use that one soon!

  3. Awesome room... I have seen those tables (and her bookshelves) on Ebay and wondered how they looked in a room setting... they look great... have you seen her bookcases, too?

  4. Hi Tarkus!
    Thanks - I've moved some stuff around and will be posting new pictures of it soon. I can attest to the quality of the tables (and bookshelves) - they are really well made.

    I actually have two of the bookcases - they are stacked on top of each other in the room in my first post.