Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas in Stockholm

So my older brother thinks I'm nuts with the dollhouse fascination.   He has pointed out that his 4-year old daughter has a dollhouse (Fisher Price).  In fact, my niece has been over a number of times and set up dinner for the Pinky girls.  For my sister-in-law, don't worry!  It really doesn't give me heartburn when I watch the little one rampaging through the dollhouse.  (Now, my 2 year old nephew pulling my kitty's tail . . . ha!)

Anyway, despite his insinuations that I'm a tad "immature" at thirty-something, my brother actually bought me the Lundby Stockholm house for Christmas.  And that's why he's the best brother ever. 

This was my first quick attempt at decorating the house.  I actually already had the Lundby kitchen and bathroom sets.  (Funny mini-story: I was sent, against my will, to London for a three day training session for work.  Reluctantly, I went.  But I took the opportunity to score some hard to find Mighty World sets, as well as some less expensive Lundby furniture - from vendors that wouldn't, alas, ship to the United States.  So - after some wrangling and careful timing and instructions, I had them deliver the packages to the hotel where I was staying.   I had FIVE packages awaiting me on my check-in.  Lousy leadership training session in the UK for work, complete with people-yelling-at-you role playing:  tiring and painful.  Hotel accommodations: free (paid by work).  Coming home with a small rolling suitcase half-filled with dollhouse miniatures: PRICELESS!)

Anyway, I've been slaving away at work this past week and haven't had much of an opportunity to take pictures and blog.  I'm hoping we get some good sunlight tomorrow in the morning.   The husband has promised to cook breakfast, so I may take the opportunity to get some quality time in with the dollhouses. 

Erm.  Credits (if I can remember):  Kitchen, Bathroom and shelving unit are Lundby.  The chairs and coffee table in the living room are from trolling on ebay.  I believe the chairs are from the Debbie's Dream House.  Bedroom:  bed is a soapdish from Muji (another hat tip to Mini Modern), mirrored bedside tables from DHE, chair is petit princess.  All accessories are AG minis, Re-ment, or random ebay finds.  I especially love the hand-turned vases.


  1. I'm so glad you won the Shopping Sherpa's comp. .and she pointed out where to find your blog - I've really enjoyed reading it and have added it to my bloglines. Cheers, rooruu

  2. I really like the kitchen/living area. It looks like how some of the new condos in the SF Bay Area are staged. Cool diggity!...yes, I just said "cool diggity".ha ha

  3. hi rooruu, I'm really glad you enjoyed the blog - it's still in early phases yet!