Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rusty Sewing Skills

The dollhouse has inspired me to bust out the sewing machine again. Last time I used it was probably over four years ago, to make six purses out of red shantung silk (with antique kimono fabric lining) for my bridesmaids. It sounds alot more complicated than it really was and makes my sewing abilities sound far more advanced than they are.

A few weekends ago, I decided to stitch up some bedding for a new mini bed set. Yeah, that's leftover red shantung silk (the leopard print pillows I didn't make). In fact, one of my bridesmaids came over to visit, noticed the bedding and exclaimed: "Hey! Isn't that the same fabric . . . " Why yes, yes it is . . .

I wish my bathroom in real life looked like this. Don't get me wrong, my bathroom is nice, it's the original design that came with the apartment. But it's marble and gold and um . . . very "hotel room", and not modern boutique hotel. This is the first room I've done with the ELF miniatures bathroom sink unit and I think it's great looking. The tub I picked up on a trip to Muji, ostensibly to buy storage containers, but I left with only the tub. The husband had his doubts ("It's a bowl!"), but it looks like a tub I'd gladly take a soak in. Any would be a vast improvement over the tub/shower I had in my old apartment, which was so shallow that if you laid down completely flat in the bottom, you'd still only be half submerged with various bits sticking out. Ooof.

For comparison purposes, I've included a photo of the Pinky girls (Sacchin and Reina) with some kids room furniture from when I was just starting out . . . they like their new stylish digs much more . . .

Credits: The bed is a soapdish (thanks to Mini Modern for the tip on scouring Bed Bath & Beyond). The wall decor is a Frank Lloyd Wright bookmark from the Museum of Modern Art. Armchair is petite princess. The bathroom sink unit is from ELF miniatures, and tub is a small dish from Muji. Accessories are an assortment, mostly Re-ment and DHE. Oh, and the orange and green kids room furniture is part of Plan Toys' modern furniture set.


  1. Wow! I'd love to have a bathroom like that! Oh, and where did you get the little soap dispensers from?

  2. Thanks! yeah, I'd love a bathroom like that in real life . . .

    The bottles are both Re-ment - one from the cosmetics set, the other from the oriental season/japanese goods set.

  3. I really like what you've done with the place. The bedroom upgrade is just great. I'm a fan of silk dupioni/ silk shantung myself. Keep up the pretty decorating.


  4. I'm jealous of your bathroom, and I envy your ELF fixtures!