Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pinky in the PRC

So I really didn't talk much about Pinky St: in my first post, other than a brief oblique mention. I really should give more detail, seeing as how they were the starting point for this new hobby of mine. They are Japanese figures, with interchangeable heads, hair, clothing, complete with adorable anime eyes. Roughly 4 inches tall, Pinky girls are really closer to 1:16 - 1:18 scale, but I've put them into 1:12 scale houses because (1) dollhouse miniatures, much less modern dollhouse miniatures, are generally easier to come by in 1:12 scale, (2) before my awesome brother got me the Lundby Stockholm for Christmas (more on THAT later), I only had a 1:12 scale house and (3) as a vertically challenged person, I always feel like a Pinky girl in
my own home anyway. Um. My husband gets a huge laugh whenever he sees me lunging at the top shelf in the kitchen with a pair of tongs in my outstretched hand. Yes, it's pretty humiliating.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words and really, most people don't want to read my random musings, at least not on toy dolls, I'll share a few pictures of the trip two Pinky girls took with me to China - Shanghai and Beijing - to visit my inlaws.

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