Thursday, January 29, 2009

De Stilj House

Gerrit Rietveld designed the De Stilj dollhouse below. Reportedly, the Brooklyn Museum of Art purchased it for a lovely sum of $30,000.

I wonder if this house is on display at the museum - I would love to get a closer look. If so, I may have to beg a field trip off of Husband. He despises driving to Brooklyn (the last trip ended up with us in a sketchy mafia-front furniture store where no English was spoken). I may need to bribe him . . . with baked goods.
Photo from artnet.


  1. Came on your site while searching for something else :-)
    I made a roombox in Rietveld style and used a book about his furniture as inspiration.
    Escher and Mondriaan and Claris Cliffe were from the same era, and you'll find some of their work in this room too.
    You can see it in the second album at