Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clearview on Ebay

Remember the MIAIM Clearview house that Modern MC blogged about? Yep, the gorgeous looking one rocking the vague Miami Vice vibe (in my mind) in a good way? I really wanted one, but the price and overseas shipping put it just a bit out of my price range. Especially after the Kaleidoscope House expenditure. Plus I don't really have the work space to put one together. I still have an almost finished ELF vanity taking up valuable real estate on our dining room table.

MIAIM has placed a Clearview House on ebay. And I believe shipping will be half the regular $250 cost (i.e., $125). My heart bleeds. If only my current budget weren't in the $5 range (due to the much lamented self-imposed spending embargo). This way though, I'm willing to blog about it rather than trying to keep the news to myself like a greedy girl.

Check out the auction, ending Saturday, here!

Pic: MIAIM Miniature Design & Architecture


  1. Hi Altera! Thanks for sharing -- such a great house. It doesn't look like they ship to the US, though. I, too, unfortunately cannot buy up more real estate either after my Citadel purchase. :(

  2. Ha, I thought I was the only one looking up the modern things on Ebay UK. I won an Elf shower kit for about $8 (including shipping) last week!

  3. Hi callsmall -

    Hm ... it looks like they didn't include international shipping information on the auction listing, but I received an email newsletter from them with the reduced shipping information for the US.

    As for the Citadel - just from the pictures alone, I'm sure it'll be worth it - the exteriors looked fantastic! =)

    Hey Tarkus -

    Sometimes I forget to search in ebay UK, but it's a treasure trove! Your ELF kit score is a great price!


  4. Hi Ana and Helene,

    Thank you very much for your comments! Unfortunately, when I "published" the comments, blogspot seemed to mysteriously delete them. (Does this happen to anyone else? grrrr)

    Ana - I posted this previously, but the following link in a rough guide to furniture and accessories that suit 1:16 to 1:18 figures:


    They have a somewhat incomplete list of Re-ment and Megahouse items. If they are listed as "Perfect Pinky" or "Slightly Pinky", they are generally a better match for 1:12 scale settings.

    For furniture, the Re-ment "My Style Collection - Room" is suitable for 1:12:


    Otherwise, I find it most helpful to check the wonderful blogs and flickr to see what other miniaturists are using in their settings!

    Hope this helps!


  5. Thanks for all the information!
    hugs from Portugal

  6. Hi Altera -- I let Mini Modern know as well that Miaim is putting another Clearview up on Ebay this coming Sunday, according to Elaine. She let me know that shipping to the US would be $171. Not sure what the starting bid will be...

  7. Hi callsmall - thanks for the heads up!