Saturday, March 14, 2009

Writer's Block

It appears that Hana is suffering a bout of writer's block in her quest to write the Great Pinky Novel. I had been thinking that this space in the Kaleidoscope House would be well-suited for a posh walk-in closet or a small office nook, as the Shopping Sherpa did here with a fantastic custom built-in. When my last pre-spending embargo batch of ebay Re-ment arrived, including a fantastic typewriter, I promptly decided to go the office route.

Hana's expression looks so despairing, it cracks me up.

I put this scene together while Husband and I were watching Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer face off on the Daily Show. (Yikes, talk about awkward and painful interviews - I almost felt bad for Cramer at the end of the half hour.)

Yes. Hana is a hard living Pinky, like any cliche struggling writer. I'm sure hitting the Gordon's and the cigarettes really won't help her creativity issues. And she is certainly not being a good role model for the younger Pinkies out there. But, the booze and cancer sticks really made Husband laugh, and I aim to please.

The art, of course, is Futurama (by Matt Groening). I loved that show, and the fantastic witty writing would be an inspiration to any struggling auteur.

My mother used to give me these Chinese pills whenever I had stomach nausea. To this day, I still stock them in my medicine cabinet, even though I suspect that the ingredients might actually be useless (or worse, harmful). In addition, they look exactly like rabbit droppings and smell even worse. While the chinese name for these pills is zhen luyuan, I always called them the "rabbit poo pills." I went crazy when I spotted them in a Re-ment set. Again, I bet poor Hana wouldn't need them if she just laid off the sauce and lucky strikes.


Desk is Ryan's Room.
Chair is Reac Japan.
Accessories are Re-ment, Lundby, Petit Princess, Mighty World and random ebay finds.


  1. Poor Hana! I know what it's like to have dolls with drinking problems. I had to send one of them on rehab, and she behaved for a while, but last time I saw her she was back in the pub again!

    And - love the Daily Show! My husband and I watch it almost every night. (It's aired a week later than in the USA, though.)

  2. I LOVE the accents of color, especially the yellow of her shoes and the typewriter! And, of course, the booze! :)

  3. Love the Re-ment typewriter! And the little crumpled pieces of paper by the waste basket... Too cute and so realistic!