Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wish I Wasn't on a Diet

I wish I wasn't on a diet. And by diet, I mean a spending diet - my credit card is going through a serious Master Cleanse. It's a necessary, but welcome measure. Aside from the fiscal conservatism to match the times, it was getting a tad embarassing coming home and having the doorman hand over 8 parcels each night, each one no larger than 6 inches. The low point might have been when our super nice doorman Sam joked to Husband: "You've got to unplug her mouse!"

My comeback is, invariably, that I've got to keep spending to stimulate the economy. The road to economic recovery occurs one dollhouse miniature at a time. *Pfffft*

Anyway, this new minimalist kitchen from ELF Miniatures makes me sorely wish I weren't on a self imposed spending embargo:

I have been contemplating an ELF kitchen purchase for a while, but this one makes my fingers unconsciously tap out my Visa card number on the numberpad of my computer. I love the zebrano wood paneling and the streamlined cabinet/hood combination. For those of you who aren't just "looking at the dessert cart" like me, you can score the kitchen here at ELF Miniatures.

Pictures: ELF Miniatures


  1. Truly gorgeous. I'd love to get an Elf kitchen one of these days. I love your comment about parcels...if it's Ebay, my husband's name is attached to the account, so all my buys have his name on it! Drives him a bit crazy because it's never for him. :)

  2. Wow, das ist wirklich eine tolle Küche - leider viel zu teuer für mich!

  3. Oese,

    Ist eine große Küche suchen, ist es nicht? Ich stimme zu, die preise viel sparen inspirieren und planung.


  4. hey callsmall -
    I have to confess that sometimes, I'll purposely put Husband's name on an order so the building people don't think all the small packages are going to me!

  5. This is a nice kitchen. I understand completely about the spending...sigh