Thursday, March 5, 2009

KH Finds a Home

I've been swamped at work for last few weeks, leading to a serious backlog on my tivo, missed brunches with my parents and a deficiency of dollhouse-related endeavors. I woke up super early this morning for a dentist's appointment and even after working out and getting ready, had a few moments to spare to take some photographs.

The Kaleidoscope House has finally come off the floor, where Husband was constantly in danger of putting his foot through it, to its nice permanent perch. I especially love the green of the small desk, and there's even a drawer to stash my sticky tac and random high-frequency use Re-ment. (oops! Just realized that I have the white roof section off in this photo . . . *shrug*) In theory, when there isn't a dollhouse on display on top, the desk is supposed to free the dining room table from my laptop and all the work I bring home. The Pinky girls are also slowly moving in and taking in their new surroundings . . . Perhaps Sacchin in trying to call dibs on a certain room.

Speaking of taking it slowly, it took a few tries before I got a feel for the upstairs rooms in the Kaleidoscope House. This room went through several iterations, as a den and bedroom/study, before I settled on this arrangement that I wouldn't mind looking at for a few days.

I think the small room through the yellow door is meant to be a bathroom, but it's miniscule! I can fit a tub and a sink or, alternatively, a toilet and a shower, but some crucial hygeine element is going to go lacking in that teensy space. Instead, I'm contemplating a small home office area. Or perhaps, a dressing room/walk in closet a la MTV's Cribs, mainly because I want a huge walk in closet in real life. I have a pretty good sized (for the city) walk in closet at the moment, but there isn't a week that passes that I don't daydream about kicking Husband out of his closet in our bedroom.

Drawer unit - Lundby.
Bed - wood block and KH house rug.
Nightstand - etsy find.
Accessories - Re-ment, wanju, DHE, etsy, Pinky St: and MiniSquare.
Art: Andrea Offerman


  1. Hi,
    I love your Blog and the way you put the modern furniture together.
    Here is my award for you:

  2. I love your blog, I am also a fan of "modern dollhouses. I have been looking for re-ment items but I didn´t found anything ar 1/12 scale, but only in Barbie/Blythe scale. There is any re-ment pieces in 1/12th scale?
    hugs from Portugal