Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Room While I'm AFK

Okay, I'm clearly not technically away from my keyboard, as I am lugging my laptop around with me. I am, however, on vacation from work (hooray!) and currently in Vermont catching some late season skiing. I started this new KH setup two weekends ago while I was cleaning and dismantling the Voila House, but didn't get a chance to finish until right before we left (while I should have been packing).

I liked the way this kitchen fit in, leaving a good deal of extra floor space for a big Paris Renfroe dining table.

The dining table is actually the fulfillment of another real life design wishlist item. When we moved into our new place, I desperately wanted a new coffee table. Specifically a wood slab one, like from urban hardwoods. We're slowly replacing our respective "bachelor/ette pad" pieces of furniture, but haven't gotten around to the coffee table yet. Our current one is not terrible - a modern glass and mock wood (ie pressboard) piece from some cheap Chinatown place that my dad bought for me before I was gainfully employed.

The pillar sculpture by the fireplace is a small chinese calligraphy chop!

Everyone has these Re-ment mugs, of course. The real question is: "Who doesn't love these mugs?" Not I. *shakes head in vigorous denial*

The wok is from another one of the Re-ments sets I bought off ebay right before the spending embargo.

This toaster oven is slightly off scale, but I loved the set and the red color so much, I had to have it. It's generally okay, so long as I don't set anything next to it that is so glaringly off in size.

We're swinging by Boston to visit some of my college friends on the way home. I have two Pinky girls with me, as they do enjoy a good trip. Husband balked at the thought of packing a dollhouse in our trunk so I could continue to photograph. I jest, this didn't really cross my mind. Although I *did* want to smuggle our cat with us for the trip. I miss her.


Kitchen is Theo Klein. Shelving is Sanrio from ebay.
Dining table, coffee table and cowhide rug are Paris Renfroe.
Chairs are from Take a Seat.
Sideboard/tv cabinet is vintage from ebay (part of that big mishmash grab box I got here).
Accessories are Re-ment, Mighty World, megahouse, DHE and Bertie Pittman.
Kitty is one of a kind.


  1. The kitty is awesome, and I love the decor... the sideboard was an awesome find, I've been looking for something similiar off and on for a year!

  2. Another great setup! That Sanrio shelving is fabulous and I love your use of the space and studying all your fantastic accessories and details!
    (Re-ment comes in so many sizes, so it's nice to get to see the scale of the items. I recently bought the red and grey teapot after seeing a similar one in an earlier setup of yours)

  3. Nice set-up!
    I believe the sideboard is Kitty Puppenmobel.

  4. Looks awesome, Altera! It's still amazes me how spacious and light the K house looks...sigh. Paris's stuff looks great, of course. That's too funny about the Re-ment mugs -- so true!!! :)

  5. I just love that kitchen! The table is beautiful! And so is your cat! lol...'kitty is one of a kind'...haha

    Nice to find your Modern dollhouse blog!

  6. Hi Tarkus,

    I'm obsessed with sideboards, and this one was a random lucky find.

    I'm back home with kitty - and she's demanding royalties for the online pictures. =)

    Hi Pubdoll - I'm not so strict with scale especially when it comes to Re-ment sets that I really love (like the red toaster).

    I actually found this page useful - it's a listing of "Pinky-sized" accessories and furniture, but includes a list of Re-ment and Megahouse and whether they are "Perfect Pinky":


    Keeping in mind that Pinky girls are closer to 1:16 and 1:18 scale, the ones that are listed as "Perfect" or "Slightly Pinky" are generally workable in a 1:12 setting.


  7. Hiya Modern MC -

    Thanks for the identification tip on the sideboard. I've got some other Kitty Puppenmobel stuff, but if they hadn't come in a box labelled as such, I would never have known . . .

    Callsmall - Thanks! I'm still having alot of fun with the Kaleidoscope House. And those famous Re-ment mugs. Ha!

    Hi Katie!
    Thanks for your comments - I'm glad you stumbled across the blog. Kitty is insisting on partial credit for increased blog traffic. LOL.


  8. Thanks for the Pinky-sized page tip! It will come in handy every time I buy stuff on ebay, which has been quite often lately...