Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Massively Dollhouse Weekend

First off: many thanks to Oese for her kind commendation!

I started off a massive weekend dollhouse cleaning by finally taking down the Voila House. It was a trial getting it all packed back up in the original box, like putting a puzzle together. I suffered a few cardboard abrasions and more than one sigh was uttered, perhaps. I was a touch sad when it was finally done, even with the Kaleidoscope House taking its place by the wall.

On the other hand, the dismantling of the Voila House disgorged an ENORMOUS amount of dollhouse furniture and accessories:

Um. I didn't post a pan right photo, but the whole windowsill, and the floor beneath it, was lined with miniatures as well. Husband was pretty disgusted/alarmed/resigned with the minis covering the dining table, especially when we had no where to sit down and eat dinner on Saturday night. It took the rest of the weekend, interspersed with putting together a new kitchen in the KH great room, before I had the dining room table cleared off again.

Meanwhile, I also (1) put in a new scene in the bottom floor of the Stockholm House, (2) finished about 50% of an ELF vanity unit (more on that later this week) and (3) did some serious tv watching.

On the dollhouse/television front:
Not sure if anyone is a fan, but as a longtime Joss Whedon, Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity maniac, I felt obliged to give Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku a shot. It's been off to a slowish start, and I'm not sure if Dushku has the acting chops to carry the concept, but I watched the most recent episode of Dollhouse, "Grey Hour," on hulu yesterday (Husband "forgot" to set the tivo) and thought it was a marked improvement over the first few episodes.

This Stockholm House scene was created with much input from Husband. His suggestions ranged from the helpful: "I think that table is too big" to the not so much "Why is that on the diagonal? Diagonal is lame."

Husband also asked me why the Pinky girls' lives were so hard that they had to be such boozers. He noted the all day free flowing gin and tonics. Pretty perceptive, that man . . .

Kitchen: Lundby sink unit, Mighty World table and Megahouse chairs.
Living room is a Minisquare coffee table, and ebay/etsy finds. I think the tv stand is a Caroline's Home sideboard - it's got nice lines, but looks on the smaller side of even 1/16th scale.
Accessories are from AG Minis, Re-ment, Megahouse, Plan Toys, DHE, Mighty World and ebay.

And lastly for my weekend, while taking apart the Voila House, the evicted Pinky girls had to find a temporary perch. The KH mezzanine balcony was perfect:

The line up, apparently, "creeps out" Husband. Ha!

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  1. I've been watching Dollhouse, too, though it's still hard to see E.D. as anything but Faith (was a huge Buffy fan in college!)

    Your minis are great, I've been wanting to order from Minisquare for a while.