Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cuisine de Léon (Professional Kitchen)

When I was setting it up, I didn't know this was going to be a kitchen fit for an assassin. But as I was rifling through my art clippings, I didn't feel like booting up the computer to look for pictures of food for the wall (Husband's suggestion). Instead, I ended up using this great Andrea Offermann print that was inspired by one of my favorite movies, The Professional (released as Léon in France).

Some detail shots:

This counter actually took the longest. After my cleaning up/organizing last weekend, it took about 10 minutes to find the three separate Re-ment sets for this cutting board in my box-o-Re-ment.

A bit off-scale, but I love these oil/vinegar (or soy sauce/rice wine vinegar in my home) containers.

Counter, sink, washing machine and microwave are Theo Klein.
The good-looking oven unit is from ELF Miniatures.
Shelf unit is Selecta.
Accessories are from Mighty World, Re-Ment, Lil Bratz and ebay.
"Léon" print by Andrea Offermann available for purchase in real life size at specler.

As I mentioned earlier, the Pinky girls are a bit on the small side for 1:12 scale. Arc is never going to reach that top shelf without a step stool. Um. Just like me in my own home.

Speaking of assassins: the other day when I was re-doing the bedroom in the Stockholm house, I glanced up at the roof terrace and was startled to find an intruder.

It seems Husband has been getting in on the dollhouse action as well. But is this masked man a mere party-crasher or a stealth asssailant?


  1. Love this kitchen and I am really seeing the potential of the Voila Large Dollhouse through your wonderful designs. How/where did you acquire it? Not sure if it's even sold in the U.S.

  2. Hey vwong,

    Thanks! The Voila Large Dollhouse really is alot of fun - and it's impressive to stand back and see three floors of rooms decorated all at once.

    The U.S. distributor confirmed that it isn't carried in the United States. The U.K. distributor will sell at wholesale price (but the shipping is a doozy). I got mine from gr8toys in Australia. Shipping was slightly cheaper, but still a doozy. Depending on where you are, perhaps the currency exchange might work to one's advantage now too . . .

  3. Hey Altera!

    I love your kitchen!! What's funny, is I have the same Selecta pieces set up as a kitchen now that I am photographing. When I saw it here, I cracked up. I've said this before but there's such a limitation of items out there for modern miniaturists, that we all end up having the same things. I've been thinking of getting the cooktop island from ELF--it looks fantastic.

    And Vwong, the Voila Large Dollhouse is totally worth the cost. Wish it had two sets of stairs though...

  4. Great set up and great photos! I wish I had the time to return to setting up scenes and the money to buy some of the new modern bits...