Thursday, February 5, 2009

WIP - Adventures in Ebay Finds and Reupholstering

I received a somewhat terrifying box of vintage dollhouse furniture from Germany as an ebay win. I really bid on the lot for one or two pieces (a sideboard and a plastic sofa set) and because it was cheap, but when I opened up the box, in addition to the rest of the lot, there was a ton more that the seller threw in, in various states of cleanliness. There was also a somewhat grimy cloth bag filled with tiny accessories and dust and itty bitty baby dolls (eeek!) and dust and well . . . you get the picture. Husband, looking over my shoulder, proclaimed the cloth bag-o-dust "creeptastic" so I threw it in a plastic grocery bag to sort through another day (i.e., never).

The first shot is a picture of the loot, with a few choice items removed already. Those red plastic chairs are nice, as are the side tables. But the rest, including two beds, a rickety bunk bed, a plastic kitchen set and a crib, I may just give a gentle cleaning and then sell off on ebay.

The real unexpected surprise was this sofa/chair set. I'm thinking it could do with some reupholstering (in pink! for the Top Design room!) Maybe I'll repaint or stain the wood frame first though. I was thinking either white or dark brown. Husband wasn't much help in this department, he was much too busy muttering under his breath about how we don't have any more room in the apartment for painting supplies. How about you guys, any thoughts?


  1. I think it would look really cool painted white and reupholstered with pink damask patterned fabric.

  2. I have some pink/fuchsia wool fabric and am leaning towards the white/pink combo. The pink pattern fabric intrigues me though - Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to do some investigating . . .


  3. Not sure if my previous comment was sent through but I just wanted to say I am totally delighted to have found your blog. Love all of your mini-scenes.

    I can so related to the unsympathetic spouse syndrome. On one occasion, my hubby helped me take a pic of my Reac Japen chair and when he sent the pic file to my email, he put 'Dumb Chair' on the subject line =)

    P.S. Mind if I put your blog link on my blog page? Tks

  4. Hi vwong -
    I'm still laughing about the "Dumb Chair" email.

    My husband can't complain too much because he's an avid collector as well (sneakers, urban vinyl, etc.) and sometimes I'll catch him putting in extra furniture in the houses, or moving the pinky girls around a bit. Ha!

    Please feel free to add a link to my blog - I'd love to add yours as well (I've been a lurker . . .).

    Have a great day!

  5. Thanks Altera ... pls feel free to add my blog link to yours although I have been very lazy with it.

  6. Love the idea of the fuchsia wool fabric you have in your stash but I would go with staining the furniture that 'wenge' brown. For ease and control you could get several of those wood staining markers/pens from craft stores like Michael's. I have one in by ChartPak in Black Walnut(W57) and it gives a really modern look. Just a thought...good luck.

  7. That's kind of weird to dump the extra furniture on you. At least you did find some interesting pieces amongst the scary lot.

  8. i think the beds are from bodo henning - i love the metal legs on them! maybe if you made some nice new bedding for them you could use them in your house...?

  9. Thanks for the tip, annina. I agree, the beds have great bones/frames and look really well constructed. They'll most likely be in the "keep" pile.

    The most common misstatement around my home currently is probably: "I'll get rid of that on ebay."

  10. i know that one! i've got draws full of bits i got in random lots i bought just because of one or two pieces i really wanted... and it's so hard to get rid of them cause you never know - they might be perfect for the next scene! ;-)