Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

The Pinky Girls clearly don't know there is a recession going on. They've been partying on the Lundby Stockholm House roofdeck since New Years like it's 1999. I asked them kindly to move it indoors, and they agreed on the condition I throw them a Super Bowl party.

Of course, that gave me the perfect excuse to redecorate the bottom floor of the house. I was running around trying to find certain pieces, while Husband puffed his annoyance that I wouldn't settle down and watch Wall-e. (I finally did, great movie . . . ) Mental note - I have to find a better organization system than shoeboxes, window sills, the coffee table (on and under) and the rolling kitchen cart.

Wouldn't you know it, it was finding the right sofa that gave me the hardest time . . . again. Since Husband wouldn't let me buy an orange (or hot pink) real life sofa yesterday, I went with orange in the mini-living room. I particularly like the Voila felt covered chairs because they remind me of the first modern sofa I fell in love with - the Ligne Roset Togo sofa, in orange of course (and I love the Togo sofa because, well, the deep wrinkles remind me of a sharpei dog).

The girls are hitting the booze a little early - I'm not sure if they are going to make it to game time . . .

Credits: The kitchen is Lundby Smaland. Low shelf and sideboard are both Lundby as well. Sofa and side table are Voila Toys. Eames plywood lounge chair is Reac Japan. Coffee table is a gorgeous Paris Renfroe design. Accessories are Re-ment, DHE, Megahouse, Lundby, Bertie's or various other ebay finds. The green art is a cardboard insert that comes with the Re-ment Sapporo room set. I changed out the art after taking the first batch of photos - the second is Matisse's "Les Abeilles." Ever since I saw the piece at the Matisse Museum in Nice over 10 years ago, I've been looking for a repro/print. No luck, even at the Matisse museum itself. The Pinky girls get to enjoy it instead, and I need to buy some matte photo paper, the super glossy stuff reflects too much in pictures.


  1. Love it!

    (You could print the poster out on light card for a more authentic postery feel...)

  2. Hi,
    You have given me a wonderful idea about starting a blog showing the dollhouse my husband and I are working on. Thank you for the great idea. I'll let you know when I get it online.

  3. Hi Shopping Sherpa -

    Thanks for the tip! I was in the middle of printing out a few photos for framing (in real life size), but I'll definitely try the cardstock next time.

    Sheila - I would definitely love to follow the progress of your dollhouse. Thank you!


  4. What a fantastic room!
    I want to steal the wooden bowl that the apples are in...ha ha!

  5. I love this room! Modern MC is right, where did you get that bowl from?

  6. Thank you! The bowl is one of my favorites from seller ncshrimper (Bertie) on ebay - I have a link to Bertie's ebay store "Bertie's Dollhouse Miniatures" on the lefthand side panel.

    Bertie also has a shop on etsy:

    as well as a few pieces here:

    Bertie's hand turned wooden vases and bowls and delicious-looking acrylic vases are really great quality miniatures.

  7. That looked like some ...such a great spread! And of course, the design is simply AWESOME. You must share some of this on Flickr (it will also help direct more readers to your great new blog). We modern miniaturist must simply stick together ^o^

    I recommend these two Flickr groups for you...

    Modern Miniatures ( this is the group started by The Shopping Sherpa

    Pinky:st Lives Here

  8. Hi studioseven,

    Thanks for the tip on the Flickr groups. I've visited Modern Miniatures before, but will get my act together to share some pictures there . . .

    And the Pinky group is . . . simply awesome.

    Thanks again!