Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paper Houses

After a somewhat leisurely week last week (boss out on vacation and my matters ground to a halt), work is back with a vengence. I'm getting slammed and late nights and early morning calls mean that I have little time for more than a wistful glance at the houses before I rush to work.

The tatami room from last week got me thinking about a paper model house I spied a while ago. Luckily, I didn't need to retrace my google steps, as I had sent the link to myself. I think you might have to be pretty handy with scissors and a glue stick, but they also look like good fun.

I also really dig the fish store, and the little bins of different fish and assorted seafood. It reminds me of Chinatown.

There are actually a fair number of paper model rooms and settings to download:

There's also a butcher shop, bakery, and cafe. The lot are available here. Caution, the instructions are all in Japanese. I haven't done a google translate on it yet, but I bet a thicker weight paper/cardstock would be preferable.


  1. wow i love you paper houses.
    how can others get them??