Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't figure out this HTML!

I spotted this white sofa on ebay long before I realized it was from AG Minis. The seller had it listed without the reversible cushions and for a terrific price (no mention of the AG Mini brand). And . . . I just plain dropped the ball and forgot about it when the auction was ending. Fast forward a month, and I scored the sofa, complete with cushions, as part of a larger AG Minis lot. Alas, when I got it in hand, it was larger than I expected and takes up half an entire room in the Voila House. Instead, I've been meaning to use it as a daybed and finally had a chance in the upstairs room of the Stockholm House.

I put this bedroom/study together last night while watching 24. I'm sure Husband gets annoyed when I can't sit still to watch a tv show, but rather dart back and forth through his field of view, ferrying furniture and Re-ment to the Stockholm House. To top it off, two of my friends rang for a girl-chat conference call midway through, and Husband gave up on finishing 24, retreating to the bedroom to watch Anthony Bourdain instead.


Sofa/Daybed is AG Minis.
Leather chaise lounger is Paris Renfroe Design Miniatures. The interlocking table is part of a trio of tables from ebay (which I've mentioned before here).
Desk is from a children's wooden furniture set that my in-laws sent me from Shanghai, sans box. I'm pretty sure it's Wanju.
Accessories are DHE, Lundby, Re-ment, Plan Toys, Voila and ebay finds.
Art is Warhol.

Reina's got the right idea - I wish I was still lounging at home today.

Peeking in at Sacchin telecommuting. I bet she's ebaying - that's what I would do if I telecommuted . . .

"I can't figure out this HTML!" she pouts.

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