Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kaleidoscope Living Room in the House

So after months of stalking on ebay (and some judicious saving), I finally scored the Kaleidoscope House Jasper Morrison living room on ebay. I've been longing for a cushy white sectional sofa for a long while. How appropriate that my Kaleidoscope sofa arrived at the same time as my new real life sofa. I was terribly excited and wanted to make sure the first room setting I placed the couch into would be worthy.

What could possibly be more worthy than . . .

. . . a Kaleidoscope House?

Ok, I confess. That was attempting to be a bit of a fake out. The living room is great, but obviously the house itself is bigger news. Many many thanks to the incredible Modern MC for posting the sales listing on her blog.

So, after unpacking the pieces, I realized that there would be no dismantling of the Voila House, since the base of the Kaleidoscope is far too big for the table the Voila House is on. All three dollhouses stay, and our living room has turned into Dollhouse Central.

I don't have any pictures of the exterior as assembled yet, since, well, y'all know what it looks like and frankly, I was too exhausted after setting up the house that I could barely throw any furniture in there much less take pictures. Plus, yesterday evening, the house was directly on the floor (the other choice being our dining room table) and I was working myself into yoga contortions just to get furniture inside.

Putting together the house was a bit of a herculean task, as it was missing the instruction booklet. My parents didn't send me to college for nothing though, and after about two hours, I managed to piece the house together with only intermittent cursing (when I installed the middle vertical panel backwards) and minor injuries (the house suffered a couple of dings in transit and sent a wickedly sharp blue plexi splinter into my index finger - more cursing). I've got a cracked corner panel, which is sad, but maybe one of these days I'll find a replacement on ebay from a beat up house.

After Husband and I were done admiring, I threw a quick living room together in the Kaleidoscope House "great room." Honestly, I put four pieces of furniture in there and then collapsed into bed. I didn't get around to completing the room until this morning. It was inspired by one of the mockups of the Jericho House interiors.

Living room and kitchen sets are Bozart.
Eames lounge chair, ottoman and tulip chairs are Reac Japan.
Burl wood coffee table is Paris Renfroe Design Miniatures.
Vases are Bertie's Dollhouse Miniatures.
Side tables are good ole blocks from the art store.
Sideboards are Theo Klein. The shelving is from ebay.
The lucite dining table and console are By Barb.
Chair and art on the balcony are Lundby.
Accessories are Re-ment, Megahouse, Mighty World, DHE, Bertie's Miniatures, Wanju and ebay finds.
The art is "International Maritime" by Bob Knox.
And the Arco lamp is by Altera. heh.

As an added bonus, Moe finally has a place to park her Messerschmitt. It was previously double-parked on our windowsill.


  1. You are so lucky! I was the second person to contact the seller and he said if it didn't work out with you, he would sell it to me. It's looking great!

  2. You must be so excited. Had I known you needed the insructions I could have scanned and sent them to you but you seemed to do just fine on your own. Perhaps, though, I should add hem o FLICKR anyway...

  3. Oooh ... this is simply *sick*. You got me and my 5 yr old drooling over this scene. Congrats on your new living room set. It looks wicked with your DIY Arco lamp. BTW, where did you get the taller brown shelf unit? Tks.

  4. Thanks all! I *am* really thrilled. The KH is also really fun to photograph, with the different vantage points.

    AF4564 - Thank you! It's really more a testament to how often I check these blogs!

    Shopping Sherpa - it had occurred to me that someone would be able to provide the instructions, but I have poor impulse control and couldn't wait! =)

    vwong - the shelf is actually two shelves stacked on top of each other. I got it from an ebay seller named Deanna Russo - they come in different woods. She also made the three interlocking tables in the Top Design room. I've added the link to her ebay store in the sidebar on the left.


  5. Altera, you are so lucky...I cannot control my envy (can you see the green) I'm sure I must have bid against you for that Morrison living room set as it is currently number one on my wish list. Congrats! Everything here looks marvelous...I especially like the PRD coffee table with the sectional it helps fool the eye and bring everything to life (especially since we all know many of these pieces so well). ^o^

  6. Hey! It was you! ha ha ha--Steve said it was a tough decision but I guess ultimately he chose the person who contacted him first. This room looks very good. Congrats!

  7. Hi Modern MC,

    Thanks! I'm super grateful to both you and Steve.


  8. Congrats! It looks amazing. This house is so incredible because of the colors that come through in photographs -- really stunning. I, too, attempted to get the house [sniff] and was hoping it went to someone who appreciates it. Your post attests to this. Look forward to more scenes!