Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too Many Pinkys - One Bathroom

Poor Kokoro wonders when the parties are going to end and the "guests" are going to leave.

I always imagined the Voila doll house as a bit of a dorm (or sorority house) for the Pinky girls. The four rooms on each floor lend themselves well to the installation of multiple bathrooms, a must in any multi-female home, I think.

The Lundby Stockholm House, on the other hand, has only one bathroom - not a problem for Kokoro if she has the place to herself. But with the continuous parties and overstaying-their-welcome houseguests . . . sheesh, the plumbing is taking a serious hit (not to mention the sad state of her liquor cabinet).

For a different look in the Stockholm, I cobbled together a new bathroom:

Tub from DHE.
Toilet from Voila toys.
Sink unit is a combination of a kids playset vanity/dresser and an ELF miniatures sink and tap.
Accessories from DHE, Re-ment and AG Minis.
The poppies on the wall are Donald Sultan. I love poppies, he apparently loves painting poppies. Perfect fit.

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