Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning in Stockholm and Work Shenanigans!

I've gotten into this horrible habit in the mornings of fiddling with my miniatures before I go to work. Needless to say, this tends to make me late for work. Today, I actually woke up pretty early, took a shower, ate breakfast and was on target for an early departure. Then, I walked past the Stockholm House and thought: "Maybe I'll just switch out the bedroom furniture." There's a vintage german Kitty bedroom set that I snagged on ebay a few months back that I hadn't had a chance to use or display yet.

After that I just *had* to snap a picture or four. And while I was doing so, the sun repeatedly emerged from behind the clouds wrecking havok on my camera settings, which prolonged the whole process.

Credits (to the extent not mentioned in previously):
Bed, nightstand and armoire - vintage German Kitty set from ebay. I need to make some more bedding for the bed, it came with only a flimxy piece of pink foam. And there was also a vanity and mirror set included (not pictured), the top clear plastic piece of which has warped with age and needs to be replaced. Otherwise the set was in great mint condition and still had pieces of tape holding the drawers shut.

Lucite side table/tv stand - By Barb.

That japanese lantern which was not part of this scene but now I notice it in the photo outside on the patio area is a generic miniature from ebay, like the one found here.

Kokoro literally has nothing to wear - her closet is empty save for a luxe ostrich Mirkin bag. I considered populating the closet with some clothes, but seeing as how Pinky Girls are interchangeable part dolls, that would mean putting shoes, pants and shirts in there with feet, legs and hands, respectively, attached. Brrrr! No thanks.

So then, as if one tale of work deliquency in a single post wasn't bad enough, I have a second tale:
Yesterday at around 6 pm, I finished an assignment and passed it in for review. Knowing that it would take at least an hour (or more) for it to come back to me, I decided to abandon my desk and went for a quick walkabout to Lee's Art Shop and Kate's Paperie.

My loot: more mirrors, a kimono scrapbook sticker for wall decor (I have a tatami room in the Voila House), alternative sticky stuff for mounting minis on walls and two biggish cork . . . erm . . .cork thingies that get a new life as side tables or a combo coffee table. Oh, and that latch hook looking knickknack in the back is a foam cutter. I purchased a lot of foam pieces a few weeks back on ebay, for an attempt at making some sofas. Husband repeatedly (and dubiously) asks: "How are you going to cut all that foam?" With a foam cutter, dear, with a foam cutter. Ha!

Last bit in this patchwork post: as I was leaving Lee's Art Shop last night I noticed this credenza/sideboard in their display window. Husband and I are still looking for one, me with significantly more enthusiasm because it will eventually house our still-in-the-box-taking-up-space wedding china inside and a dollhouse on top (insert audible sigh from Husband here). I snapped a quick pic for Husband's consideration and received the same question I get these days when I send him any picture of furniture: "Is this for the Pinkies or for us?" Silly Husband. What a question. Not because there aren't fantastically realistic miniatures out there (lucky for us), but because if it were miniature sized, I would have bought it without asking you.

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