Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Dinner

For one reason or another, Husband and I have no plans for Valentine's Day. We spent the day going to Target and Trader Joe's but otherwise contemplate nothing more romantic. I'm celebrating Valentine's Day by setting up a new dining room in the Voila House to match the new Cuisine de Léon (and planning to follow that up with a round of Rock Band drumming). Perhaps later I'll set up a dinner for the Pinky girls - although the Paris Renfroe table is a touch too tall for Maki. She looks like a wee toddler next to the table.

Dining table by Paris Renfroe.
Sideboard is Selecta.
Chairs are Reac Japan.
Lighting fixtures from Doll House Emporium.
Accessories are Re-ment, Bertie Pittman or other e-bay purchases.
The art is "Home for a Drifting Sailor" by Bob Knox. I first came across Knox's work on our fourth floor conference center at work, of all places, and love his paintings of mid-century architecture and interiors.


  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the light fixtures!

  2. Thanks callsmall!

    They are terrific and can be used as table lamps too. They are part of a newish art deco range by Dolls House Emporium.


  3. I love the art deco lamps. Could I put this picture on my site (with a link of course back to your site. Nellie